2018 July

Kush Gupta is a successful marketer and Real estate broker from Toronto, Canada. His journey of becoming one of the Top 1% Realtor* is one of his finest achievements among many others so far. Becoming a selected member of the “Government Relations Committee” at the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) is another milestone. Presently, Kush Gupta is associated with iPro Realty Ltd., a leading real estate Brokerage in Ontario. In the past Kush has represented many leading Media companies including Toronto Star and is a Marketing guru.

After a lot of meeting requests, he finally gave Rayman Solutions the opportunity to spend a day with him. And, our team was more than delighted about capturing this big chance to interview this inspirational role model for our readers. Here is a day out with Kush Gupta for all of you!

The Making Of Top 1% Realtor* -Kush Gupta, Broker (MBA)!

Kush Gupta

The beginnings are never easy when it comes to success stories. Kush Gupta is one of a kind for the same, as his story also begins with hard work. He has exerted his energies to be an expert not only in his niche but also many others. “I’m a self-motivated, proactive, communicative team-player with experience of working within the challenging, and service-driven environments. Due to this ability, I have a proven record of developing excellent relationships with my clients, colleagues, and management. I am a result-oriented person with over 18 years of extensive experience in Business Development, Sales and Marketing, Client Servicing and Brand Management,” shares Gupta confidently.

His Enthusiasm Is Catchy

Kush Gupta

Kush Gupta is a self-starter and has a keen sense to learn new things eagerly. This is a very fine quality that every strong team leader needs to grab from Kush. “My goal is to transmit my enthusiasm, creativity, and experience into a position, where I continue to provide strategic and tactical leadership consultation. This is something very critical to retaining valued customers. The key strengths that I possess are not limited to a few things only. I like to do each-and-everything professionally. Some of my valued tips that others can use too. These are:

  • Exceptionally strive to deliver agreed contributions

  • Continued and above par excellence in services, and

  • Strong understanding and communication skills

Kush Recommends People Management

Kush Gupta

So, during our main question-and-answer session Kush Gupta didn’t shy away from sharing direct insights into self-growth skills. He strongly recommends people management as a very powerful attribute to his success. “It helps if you listen to your customers and audiences better. As leaders, we can stay stuck in our own worlds, disconnected from the people we are called to serve. That’s exactly why the bridge has a gap. We should provide more value to our customers in order to skyrocket our success,” adds Kush Gupta suggestively.

He further shares, “When you manage people as an expert, it rapidly accelerates your results and increases your revenue. I’ve successfully used this method to launch projects, make sales and build relationships all my career. As soon as I introduce something new to the world, I rely on the human physiological insights to do the intro rightly. This is my PROVEN and risk-free tip. This method has worked for me with countless niches, sales, and industries. And since, I’m so positive that it’ll work for everybody, I eagerly share this with newbies and interns

Why Do Customers Like To Work With Kush Gupta?

Kush Gupta

When you have the sole responsibility of being “One-of-the-Best-Real Estate Broker in the city”, you automatically need to let your customers trust you. Kush Gupta has an experience spread over 20 years in diverse areas, like:

  • Customer Services

  • Strategic Planning

  • Profit Centre Operations

  • Strategic Alliance

  • Business Planning

  • Advertising Sales

  • Revenue Generation

  • Sales

  • Marketing

  • Key Account Management

  • Training & Development

“So, the moment I connect with my customers, the first impression becomes my last. I completely understand their needs and highlight their wants. This is what makes my association with the instant. As they feel that they can trust me easily, and rely on my expertise. I don’t focus on making a sale on the first meeting. That is what makes the deal a hotshot. I show my clients and customers what they want, and then make them understand the value of the product or the service,” states Gupta insightfully.

Gupta And iPro Realty

Kush Gupta

“iPro Realty Ltd, Brokerage is one of the most reputed companies in Ontario, and I’m honored to be associated with it. I have learned a lot with iPro Realty, and this further encouraged me to pursue real estate as a Broker. Real Estate is truly my passion,” shares Kush fondly.

As a realtor, Kush Gupta specializes in residential properties. Due to his extensive background, he has been able to bring-in abundant energy, creativity, dedication, experience and personal knowledge to his work.

You can be assured that he will stay on top of all the details of a deal, and provide a smooth-and-easy going transaction. “Like I said before, I don’t just focus on making a sale, instead my efforts are to understand the purpose of the deal that my clients want to make. This enables me to pay attention to detail genuinely. And as a result, all of my clients and customers happily look forward to work with me,” states Kush Gupta determinedly.

What Did You All Learn Today?

Kush Gupta

Though our time with Gupta was limited due to his busy schedule, still the time he gave us has been an immense learning opportunity. With Gupta, each passing moment has provided us an endless learning curve. The edge of such a huge success for “L7A neighborhood” in Brampton has made it quite easy for Kush Gupta to help new customers, clients, and investors.

As of now, he plans to do the same for other markets too. New Realtors, fresh Brokers – all can learn a lot from Kush and his energies. His life and work approach is truly inspiring and can open a new door for success too. Write to us today if you want to seek Kush Gupta’s assistance for Buying or Selling a residential property. He’ll personally answer your concerns and guide you through the process. Being a humble gentleman, Gupta loves to treat everybody with humbleness. And lastly, to sum up, Kush Gupta in a nutshell – you’ll be meeting a local expert, problem solver, who pays attention to details, along with honesty and integrity

Like always, we are here once again to share another truly inspiring success story of Roxy Zapala. It is said that every successful man has a strong woman behind his success. But, in Roxy’s case, this comes with a little twist. As she started doing things her way before the entry of any strong-willed man in her life. She falls under some of the most successful women renowned as wedding planners within Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  It is love and passion for her profession that drives the car for Roxy Zapala and her strength.  Come let us see what Roxy has to share with her fans and followers globally, and how she is making an impact over-all!

The Vision With A Belief

Roxy Zapala

“I have been working in the wedding and special event industry for nearly two decades now. I spent the first decade working strictly with floral and decor displays for weddings and other functions. I also studied  Interior Design at the International Academy of Design and Technology. Once I completed the program I realized that my heart was true at the wedding and event industry and that I wanted to design beautiful spaces for special events rather than residential or commercial spaces. It was something that I was familiar with and something that I loved so  I have decided to further hone my expertise and I became a certified event planner and a certified destination wedding planner,” adds Roxy Zapala happily.

The Beginning Of Art Of Celebrations

Roxy Zapala

Roxy Zapala further shares her pursuit of success as, ”All of the knowledge, experience, and education I have collected along the first 10 years of my career eventually did lead me to open my own business – Art of Celebrations. Here my focus is on creating stunning and memorable events that will WOW both – the clients and their guests.  When I first started the company I wanted to bring something new and exciting to the Toronto market.

Roxy Zapala

She further adds, “Something in the form of a service that has not yet been seen by this city. Thus, I decided to treat each project the way an interior designer would, but applying it to weddings and events only.  I and my team offer 3D drawings and renderings of wedding and event spaces. This is for the reason that the client can see their vision before their big day.  All of my clients love this service. It makes them feel special and at ease knowing that their wedding or special event is so thought-out. We always pay great attention to details not only in the way how the event will look. But, also how it feels and how it makes others feel.”

Roxy Zapala, And Her Future Plannings For Her Clients

Roxy Zapala

Roxy Zapala wants to continue growing and keep offering the complete package for planning and designing services to her clients. She happily adds, “We recently went from offering day-of coordination and partial planning packages to being strictly full planning and design. We want to work with our clients from the beginning until the very end. We also want to get to know them, their style and tastes, and we want to provide them with unparalleled services.  So the hope is to continue growing in that direction and to expend both in local and destination weddings as well as corporate events.”

The Motivational Drive For Roxy

Roxy Zapala

“I love the feeling of LOVE for each and every creation I create in my worklist! Weddings are my weakness and I love planning and designing them. This art of celebration between two persons brings so much satisfaction to me. And, the events just warm up my heart.  But I also love to design and play with art, and many times corporate events and clients provide me with this amazing opportunity. This really pushes me to do some great creative designing. My passion for this industry keeps increasing for many different reasons. Mainly, I just adore what I do. All the hard work that you put into planning a wedding or an event really pays off. Especially,  when you see the look of pure amazement and appreciation on your clients’ faces, “adds Roxy Zapala happily.

Roxy  Likes To Mentor Upcoming Wedding Planners

Roxy Zapala

Roxy Zapala is not one of those people who doesn’t want to share their expertise with newcomers. She loves to mentor each and every one of the newbies in the wedding planner list. She swiftly adds, that ”I always say this to our interns – wedding planning is the labor of love. If you don’t love it, just DON’T do it! It takes dedication, extreme stress and endless hours of work. You have to work non-stop. There is something to be done at all hours of the day and night, till your event actually takes place. Most of the time, you have to work in the evening and of course, on the weekends. Forget about socializing in the summer or having offs or even a weekend.”

Roxy Zapala

Roxy’s further advice for the interns is that” When others are celebrating, we are working. And if you understand that and you still want to go for it –  then ONLY you are purely made for this industry. Otherwise, don’t even think about being a wedding or event planner.  This industry seems glamorous and beautiful in the start –  but, the reality is that it takes ample hours of work. And, many working hands and creative minds to make such magic happen. So even though it is a very beautiful and rewarding industry to be in, it’s also a very stressful and demanding one.”

A New Vision For Every Client

Roxy Zapala

This gifted soul does not belong to the business-minded world of today. And, after meeting Roxy with this amount of passion – you all will agree with us. She is a magician with some magically gifted qualities. “I love designing out-of-the-box and creating events that are unexpected and fresh. I love a good challenge and I would love to have clients’ trust in order, for me to create something truly memorable for them. I know it’s often hard for clients to visualize what things are going to look like, and how everything will unfold but I always listen very carefully to the client’s needs and wants and I make sure that the events we produce surpass their expectations, while still being exactly what they wanted them to be,” states Roxy purposefully.

So guys, now you can contact Art Of Celebrations, and book your truly magical destination wedding with Roxy today!

Digital marketing is the key core of success if you’re into building a strong customer follow-up or staying on top of the minds of your clients. However, this is something not all of you try or are doing in any form. Most of you’re just following the old-school theme. Digital marketing is not creating a Facebook page or an Instagram page and doing the marketing. Your digital marketing has to be based on the digitalization of the content, ad, banner from all aspects. Doing your own digital marketing isn’t a piece of cake, so you have to actually know the basics. Don’t worry, we’re here to guide.  So what are you waiting for? Let’s start NOW!

Identify What You Need

This is the starter, of course, so you need to know what is actually needed to make your digital marketing perform well. Don’t get confused with digital as you do need an electronic device to make your market called DIGITAL. This type of marketing is based on online and offline platforms. In 2018, how well you manage this form of marketing is the best game in the marketing scoring with your ROI. In simple, the best you market your products and services the better your ROI is. If you don’t use it, then you lack the complete exposure of your business for your clients.

What Do I Do To Start My Own Digital Marketing?

Gone are the days when billboards, flyers etc used to matter. Now we don’t have time to sit and view pictures on the top of a building or a paper. We all use cell phones, smartphones, tablets, iPads etc. So, doing your own digital marketing needs to be your top priority. For starting it perfectly, here is what you need to know and do:

  1. Focus on search engine optimization (SEO)
  2. Start search engine marketing (SEM)
  3. Build a strong content marketing strategy
  4. Proceed with social media marketing (SMM)
  5. Try a little bit of pay-per-click advertising (PPC)
  6. Never miss Affiliate marketing
  7. Also, use email marketing

What Medium Should I Try?

By 2020 TV ads will no more be substantial in terms of reaching customers. In fact, mobiles will takeover TV as they’re small, portable and better equipped with technology. As of now, almost 80% of mobile users are active worldwide. Even your maid or office boy own one. So, your digital marketing has to be focused on mediums which are frequently used by your customers. Or platforms which are important for all the customers. In this way, you not only save time but also money. The plus point is, you reach a lot of people in a convenient fashion. Let us not just sit and talk on doing your own digital marketing. Let us explore this feature together and see what you can do!

Branding is something very important for every type of business. Basically, if you want to keep growing your business, you need to focus on branding from the start. At every cost, understand what your customers like to click on. You’re after all dealing with Millennials. And these guys are kind of a high-profile girlfriend that you have to maintain. So, in order to win the game, you actually have to be in the game of branding. Now, how on earth will you build your brand? What are the basics needed for building it as a matter of fact – all of this and much more is covered in a nutshell below.

Building Your Own Brand Is Like Making A Promise:

The strategy is to focus on making something that you can deliver to your customers. Your product or service needs to come in the format of #promise. This ideology behind building your own brand is like, where, how, when and why your customers can come to you. Building a brand image is at the core of your branding process. Then, you need to redefine your business as a brand so that your customers can actually relate to it easily. Brands create the need so that your customers can focus on buying or purchasing whatever you’re selling to them.

Things I Need To Build My Own Brand?

Building a brand from scratch is rebranding. But if you don’t have a brand, that means you have to focus on everything that will matter in getting you the most out of your market share. By market share we mean your customers – that your competitors are taking away right now. Here is your list of features that your brand will need:

  1. Brand logo
  2. Integration of your brand
  3. Creating a voice for your brand
  4. Tagline is important
  5. Building trust
  6. Being Consistent

Where Do I Start?

No matter what you hear, but initially it is your website and logo that you need to focus on. Then comes the integration of your brand for your customers. Like a phone number, email, and customer services. You’ve to be able to get connected through all and any resource that you have.  After this, it is how good a voice your brand has. Think about it like a singer. If you’re good with words and have a soft and melodious voice – you’re bound to attract customers. Here, it is going to be your social availability for your clients. Like, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. But once again, this procedure is not going to get you instant super-famous status in front of your competitors. There is more to branding then only a few social media accounts.

Confused? Don’t Be!

A lot of people think that if they’re doing SEO, they’ve already done branding. Whereas, SEO is just another aspect of marketing – NOT branding. For building your own brand you actually have to understand why you have to choose to be a brand in the first place. Marketing is like paying to get exposure, but branding is something that gives you the stronger and a richer portion of the market. Building a brand is not a day or weeks work. It takes time along with consistency and an expert to guide you through the process. So, what is it that you’re waiting for? Get on a call with us and see how this can happen in reality. Consultation isn’t going to cost you. We understand what can hold you from making a decision. Thus, we give you live examples of ordinary people who like you were worried about being a BRAND.

First thing first. Why do you need a blog? Are you a business needing a platform to display your products and services? Are you an expert writer needing a platform to share your thoughts? Or you simply want to quit your job and earn from home? Well, whatever you’re doing – a blog is the best way to appear as an online expert. Creating your own blog isn’t a difficult idea at all. In fact, if you think like making one, that means you know what the current market trend is. People who think that creating one’s own blog is a bad idea, have no idea what they’re talking about. So, let us not keep you waiting and get started.

How Do I Create My Own Blog?


Creating your own blog is simple. You can use Google or WordPress. Both of these platforms are easy and quick to get started. You need to choose your blog type, like what is the theme you want to create for it. You can do anything from cooking to eating to designing to technology. But once again, you need to study the niche you want to cover. Understand what your customers need. And most importantly, you also have to host the domain, create a title and also optimize your blog. And lastly, the content will remain still intact as you need to provide daily fresh content to your visitors.

What Should I Do For Setting Up My Own Blog?


Let us say, you start on your own without involving any x, y, z. Then what happens? Your blog will still be made, but its basic purpose will be killed. You need someone professional handling all the nifty details to make it super chic. Further, you also need to understand keyword management and keyword planning to land traffic on your site. Lastly, you also need to earn BUSINESS from your blog. So, always understand the process, and them make a plan before you start your own blog. This can get you famous instantly!

How To Target Social Media?

Your blog without social media coverage is like building a house without a roof. Your blog is just the standing for making good money. But, in order to get it an instant boost – you need social media activity. There is a huge traffic out there waiting for you. Not having a connection with your customers is a lost cause of getting nowhere. So, focus on building your own blog with an expert social media campaign and get an instantaneous lift to your blog. Connect with us today and set up your blog to target the right kind of business and customers. Now you can easily quit your job and earn with us online!

Start As An Expert

You can only create an awesome blog if you’re TRULY an expert. If you’re not – then also you can create one. But, you’ll need to get some technical assistance in terms of designing, and executing written work. Most of the time, smart people start a blog and hire a freelancer to do the daily task. You can easily hire a writer through Upwork or Fiverr. But, our suggestion is to hire a professional instead of outsourcing your requirement. As this tip will allow you to stay updated with market trends. Whereas, with a freelancer, you may not be able to achieve your said goals often.

Plan A Strategy – Not An Apology


This is what we call as the biggest mistake. You need to know what you’re going to get yourself into. This needs to be smart and effective. Did you know that your blog is kind of your portfolio? You need to understand everything from scratch in order to make your blog be the kind of thing you envision. This is simple, our experts can help you build a strong and influencing blog for your specific niche. Let us connect today, and get started to achieve your goals!

Your website is the ultimate contact card that your customers will view. Now, you already have a website, then this article is not for you. But, if you’re a beginner, then this is something that can help you easily. You don’t want to get stuck while making your own website. There are tons of sites available online that will tell you all the do’s and don’ts of making your own website. Purchasing a theme will get you the basics. But, hosting and domain will still remain a big question. Next, it is how you will further develop your website to impress your clients, along with optimizing it online. This and much more comes to mind when you start building your own website.

Why Should You Develop Your Own Website?

Think about it simply. Would you want an x, y, z to run your business? No, you would be horrified at this thought. So, why do you want someone else to run your website? Your website is like your visiting card. The well you use it, the better you get the coverage. But, if you use any online free tools, or themes to create your own website, you give an intruder an entry into your business circle. You don’t have much of a hold over making changes, agreeing to changes etc. Thus, always use a trusted resource or company.

Can I Create My Own Website?

Yes, you can. There are no hard-and-fast rules for creating your own site. But, remember one thing, you aren’t a developer and neither do you have enough time to sit and keep developing your website. Further, it will need continuous developing, upgrading and optimization to stay on top of the net. Therefore, you’ll still be needing an expert guideline to make things work. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use your imagination to build your own website. You can select your chosen theme, design and website pages. If you start learning HTML, then you’ll need 6+ months at least. Same is the case with learning CSS and PHP languages too. Whereas, Website Builders are EXPENSIVE, and are good for a one-page website only. So, ultimately, you’ll need to get set with a trusted website development company to make the best use of your site.

What About Domain Hosting? 

hosting and domain services - rayman solutionsThis feature is super-easy too. But, once again, if you link with sites that cost $3.00 or $5.00 then it’s just a loss. Don’t waste your money based on a small package of price per month idea. Go with a domain hosting company who is ready to give you customers services whenever you need it. Buying your own domain and hosting with your business name looks professional to your customers. Further, it will give you the extra burst of lighting when it comes to loading your site online. By the way, do you know Apple site loading time is only 1.2 seconds? Same should be the case with your site too.

How Do I Get Started?

Don’t worry. We know it is your first site, and we don’t want this experience to be difficult for you. Call us today to get your free website consultation and you’ll be all set once we launch it with your ideas, your chosen theme, and your required tools.