2018 August

Are you a startup, looking forward to building your own brand? Well, this is something that is a notable development for the success of your business. But, as you’re a startup – then this matters even more. Isn’t it? You have limited finance, team management concerns and above all, a presentable market standing issue. Building your brand from scratch is a noteworthy procedure, and it can turn the tables around for you. However, before we dive into how to build a strong brand, we also need to manage your startup position to make things work perfectly. Worry not, here is your ultimate guide to building your brand from scratch.

Building A Brand Is Continuous Effort

building your brand

The above-stated heading is a proof of the fact that you need to exert continuously if you’re a startup. The reasoning is straight and simple, you are a startup with limited finances and very low-income flow. Thus, you have to counter a lot of pressure in order to realize and attain your dream. There are many things that you need to write down, as this can be a lot of trouble if you dont chart it out clearly. Write down your business plan. Read and explore your niche more. See what your target audience like to share. And, eventually, you’ll see the big picture towards success. But this will not come to you within seconds. It will need a complete set-up and planning.

Build Your Brands Credibility

This will involve many steps. First and foremost is credibility and voice authority. You can also go ahead with building an online presence to embark on your product or services. This will enable your customers to trust you easily. Further, once you spread your story, people will feel connected. This is one of the most important aspects of setting up your brand identity. It can go start from social media platforms, website, LinkedIn profile and paid online advertisements, banners and much more.

Have You Outlined Your Brand Mission?

building your brand

Motto and mission statement is very important for creating your brand’s credibility. The more you show and add value, the more your customers will want to associate with your brand. Think about this part as one of the fundamentals of building your brands market worth. Customers want to see the value they get. It can be a lot of things. Like, price, customer support, quality, value-added features and much more. Your mission statement will allow you to clients and customers know why it is worthy to be associated with being your loyal followers and sponsors. This will also make your tagline, logo, voice, personality, and message. Even your staff has to show the exact picture of perfection through established links and contacts.

Always Think Big With A Small Startup

You might not be able to meet your niche set examples or competitors – but you’ll certainly be able to make an appearance when it comes to starting small with a big vision. Things will never stay the same if you provide yourself with a vision. Herer, your business plan will help you to set up your goals. You have to figure a way to be over the board in the upcoming years. Further, your financial statement also has to reflect the same without any huge failures. Take two steps at a time instead of one huge leap. This will allow you to trust your abilities along with your brand’s credibility and worth. Who said that it was easy to build a brand? We did – and we stick to this plan because we know how to boost your brand marketing strategies.

Take Lots And Lots Of Notes

building your brand

Ever thought why Nokia failed? It was one of the biggest and leading brands of the 90’s – but now it is either Apple or Samsung that people want. Nokia failed because it didn’t try to meet customer likes. It failed to track its competitors and their innovative approach. This in return started to show up in their products. There was nothing new or unique with Nokia products. But, on the other hand, its competitors came one after another with new technology, camera features, touchscreen, Bluetooth connectivity, GPRS and much more. Samsung and Apple brought iTunes and Android along with much more as value-added features. People like the technology shift in their cell phones along with being able to show-off slime and sleek designs. Thus, keeping track of changing trends and competitors can allow your brand to stay updated with innovative features and results.

Always Connect With Your Audiences

building your brand

Creativity is something that can let your brand be the first breath of freshness. Don’t stick with the old school system of being a nerd. Try new things, offers, schemes, vouchers, and discount offers. This will keep the buzz around your brand alive. In case, you fall into the niche of continuous evolvement -you got to set your game right. Bring fresh thoughts to the table, hire creative teams, give a chance to freshers – and above all, connect with the audiences always. This is something that can show empathy on the next level. You can get what you want by listening to and addressing the concerns of customers. And, a startup brand will always need this approach to succeed.

Call To Action Is Important

Ever heard about it? Of course, this matters when you plan to build your brand from scratch. However, on the other hand, CTA is the best policy when it comes to generating leads. So, once you plan the CTA, don’t miss on the important facts. We know that it takes a lot of effort and dedication when you are building your brand. But, that doesn’t mean that you can simply ignore this beautiful opportunity and let it slide. We’re here to take you by the hand and deliver results that you can’t even imagine. Let us get on a call with our branding experts today, and see how Rayman Solutions can impact your brand’s credibility.

Do you love to surf videos? Of course, you do, and so does your customers too. For the same reason, they find it easy when they see something that can impact their vision, and give them a clear insight into your product or service. Video marketing is the new marketing trend that mostly big banners have been using. And, to be honest, it is mainly based on TV, and thanks to YouTube now online too. But, doesn’t mean an SME owner can never opt for video marketing strategies. Today’s topic will enlighten you about things that can change the performance of your business through proper video marketing, and also generate better leads.

What Is Video Marketing For?

Video Marketing

This is a very useful new trend that can change the course of development and build a strong market influence. But, there is one little catch here. Nobody likes to be sold to, however, they do like to buy something because – your video has created the much-needed buying urge. The first step towards using video marketing tool is to never use your content to boost only your product. Make it something that people can’t resist buying. Your video should explore the need of the hour in a trendy and unobvious manner. This will not only help you generate good reviews for that video but also build customer trust.

Building Trust Through A Video Is Easy

Video Marketing

This is something we at Rayman Solutions always tell our customers. No matter what you do to market your brand – never-ever try to sell. You lose the customer faith within a jiffy if your video content just speaks about the benefits. However, on the other hand, we see a lot of people liking and sharing videos that are informative, cool and less glamorous. Now the trends have changed a lot when it comes to video marketing strategies. You need to create the script based on real facts and figures. Please don’t try to underestimate the intelligence of your customer through a poor script or video content.

Video Engagement Is For All

Video Marketing

Let us say you’re a lazy person and don’t want to read paragraphs after paragraphs – but we’re dead sure that you’ll definitely love to watch a cool video with titles or subtitles. Video content management is tricky and easy at the same time. Users love to browse videos through their smartphones while they’re driving, walking or sitting. If your video is able to leave a mark, they’re bound to come forward and reach out to your brand. In simple words, you’re not only engaging the person completely but also his conscience. Talk about the how part, and enlighten the viewer with more thought-provoking ideas. However, the main tip is to stay focused on the niche you’re targetting.

How Can I Do My Own Video Marketing?

Video Marketing

This is one very important step. You just can’t simply go ahead and make a video without a purpose for your brand. You need to study the recent video marketing trend, and then plan it accordingly. The most important and notable aspects are:

  • Effective planning
  • Niche understanding
  • Audience study
  • Powerful script planning
  • The face of the video
  • Notable content
  • The emotional impact of the visual content
  • The storytelling aspect of the video
  • Video development
  • Optimization of the video
  • Platform understanding

If you take a look at all of the above, you’ll agree that video marketing is a very tricky process. You can’t play with fire without understanding the burning and melting capacity. And, the same goes for video marketing as well. You can’t outdo yourself and expect grand ROI without a powerful execution.

Always Hire An Expert

Video Marketing

You can’t expect to sky-rocket your sales with a poor video content or visuals. The best tip is to always hire a pro for tasks that you have to share with your audiences. There are many things involved when it comes to video marketing. Direction, camera quality, voiceover, acting and much more. Your video content has to be in a story format, that is not only eye-catching, but also interesting. Before you go forward for video marketing search around what others are doing. Then, do an in-house audience poll to determine what type of things your customers like to view, share and discuss. Next, hire a team of professionals to ensure that you cater each-and-every aspect of the video professionally, You can be the model in your own video instead of hiring a model or actor. But, if you can afford that budget well and good. If you can’t then you can also opt for an animated video too.

ROI And Video Marketing Go Hand-In-Hand

Video Marketing

Obviously, they do go hand-in-hand. You don’t need to kill yourself for producing an extraordinary video for your viewers. Creativity and designing will take care of that part for you. You’ll be able to target at least 74% of your customers through a beautiful video without adding extra dollars for the production. In fact, now 80% of the businesses use YouTube as a perfect video search engine to promote their ads. Further, Google has also started emphasizing on video marketing because of the perfect opportunity to give users a streamlined experience. This not only allows to market great content easily but also spread trend-making visuals as well. Contact our experts today to start your professional video marketing experience. We love to build videos that can impact our audiences impeccably!