Today, the marketing experts at Rayman Solutions are going to share some great insights for top-notch quality leads and how to generate them easily in 2021. You’ll find numerous businesses out there to help you in marketing your venture, and commence thousands of ideas. But this is not what the specialists at Rayman plan to do. We have a different purpose. We strive to get you the success you want. Our focal point is to get you the value for your money with optimistic and productive outcomes in a very short time. Thus, let’s discuss how to get your business traffic-driven results. Whether you’re an SMB or large enterprise – lead generation can be tough!

Say No To Big Time Promises!

In the beginning, advertising companies share real-time flashy words and big-time promises. It was only marketed without any effort into getting modified from most of the companies. You might feel as if they just want you to spend a couple of dollars and that’s all. But this is not exactly what marketing is all about. With numerous tools – now you can automate marketing with a professional company. And, later on, see significant results.

Teamwork Is The Key

Superb results are the product of strong teamwork. If your customers are tech-savvy, then you too have to match the pace. The collaboration of client-and-company is only fruitful if your business is armed with efficient resources. It’s not a one-man show that matches. But a comprehensive and combined effort that matters. The team at Rayman specializes in generating leads accompanied by social media P.R for all types of industries, for instance:

  • Real estate
  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • CPG
  • Law-and-Order

They are also specialists in business pool strategies and can help you in more than several ways with industry-linked material.

Foundation Or The Story?

No matter what path you take with your enterprise, a foundation will eternally passage better outcomes. The compact your foundation is, the sounder your goal is going to be. In the same way, high-quality leads and Social Media P.R. is going to pave the way with clearly defined ideas and technologies.

Today, if your brand or business is not in association with modernized social platforms, and their ad requirements – you drop more customers than you gain. Several agencies are doing the same thing. They only bargain ads, but not the REAL outcomes. And, most of them are not talented at transporting what they undertake on time as well. Thus, why gamble if you’re a startup? In its place, always go for somebody, who is equipped to work FOR YOU!

Online Marketing – The Pulse?

Usually, people think that social media marketing is just generating a simple Facebook page or a linked-up group. You shouldn’t have a lenient attitude towards social media marketing. Strong and credible SMM along with robust SEO is very important to generate quality leads for your brand. Instead of spending thousands of dollars to drive niche-oriented traffic, you need to feel the pulse of online marketing with value- tallied services. Go for a company that focuses on providing all of the below-stated services. As these will easily cater to generating quality leads. These are:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Search Engine Marketing (PPC)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Online Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Strategy Improvement
  • Content Creation
  • Ad Creation
  • Content Seeding & Distribution
  • Organic Social Outreach

All major brand marketing objectives are rewarded with these services in real-time outcomes. You don’t have to fear about user-engagement, once you start chasing them via online advertising strategies. 

Branding Or Rebranding?

That’s essentially the whole point of having your business hold out as a label. An exceptional and systematized brand places your business as an industry front-racer, and also sends a resounding message to your targeted audiences. Essentially, a brand is made to deliver the commitment to your clients. Thus, you can either make a fully developed modernistic brand or simply reinvent your present business vision. To target the brand audience, you will need to create trends and designs for a special message and powerful plan in your niche. Furthermore, an expert digital marketing agency can help you in forming:

  • Brand name,
  • Image,
  • Story,
  • Product voice & terminology,
  • Visual Identity,
  • Logo design,
  • Label descriptions

The Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Do you yearn for more leads? Good! Because you can get those leads with modified lead-generating technology. All leads will be niche-oriented, and you’ll be able to produce more income. Nonetheless, what will happen when they touch your website? What if the design is out-of-date and not user-responsive? Remember – the first impression is the last. You’ll lose your mark. And, customers as well. Hence, work on your website as well. Remove the old-fashioned or duplicate designs. Create a state-of-the-art website with result-oriented content. This will get you more consumer outreach with far better results.

Any Questions?

Of course, you do have plenty! And, we know it.  Lead generating is not impossible. You will get plenty if your base is strong. Thus, at first, build your brand and then connect with lead magnets – and Boom! Your customers will love to get linked with your brand – pandemic or no

The online presence of your business is an effective method to gain new customers. For any search, there are thousands of search engine results. So, a strategic SEO (search engine optimization) strategy will help your business website to be visible at the top of the search engine results. To begin with, it is always recommended to have a basic understanding of SEO. This will help you in the following ways;

  • Make a list of accomplishments for a successful SEO strategy.
  • Ask the right questions from selected SEO companies.
  • Understand their reporting procedures. 

Measure Your SEO Goals Initially

Developing a basic understanding of SEO will help you plan an SEO campaign. It will help you create realistic SEO goals. Realistic goals are benchmarks that match your short and long-term online marketing expectations. You can decide short and long-term goals for your SEO campaign as per your business needs. One of the most common myths is more web traffic, which means more customers and more revenue. An effective SEO goal is a tangible and achievable target. Some of the examples of constructive SEO goals are:

  • Increase our sales.
  • Increase awareness about our business.
  • Increase our overall email signups and trial/free downloads in a certain amount of time.

These above-mentioned SEO achievements can be measured in numbers and performance. A good SEO company will design a campaign to achieve your online marketing goals. 

Selecting A Good SEO Company Isn’t Easy 

Now, comes the tricky part of deciding which company to hire for your online marketing campaign. One of the best places to start is among your own network. Ask around in your non-competitive B2B network if anyone has used any good SEO company and if they recommend it. Another approach is to search online for an SEO company. Just a plain search for good SEO companies will return with millions of search engine results. You can further refine your search by your preference- a local or a remote SEO company. Many business owners want a local company so they can have all the discussions in person. Others are comfortable doing everything via online communications. Now you should have a list of a few shortlisted SEO companies. Following are some of the key suggestions which will help you select a good SEO company.

Look Up Their SEO Performance Critically

SEO doesn’t only mean rank standings in the search results. A professional SEO company will have its various social accounts, images and logos streamlined. It means their Meta description, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter should promote similar messages and themes. 

SEO is a very competitive field, and a new(er) SEO company might not show up in the top ten results- as they are still working to build their clients. But they should have an online presence on various platforms. Also, you should check their local listings and overall visibility on search results.  A little homework on your part will help you differentiate between a good and a scam SEO company. 

How do they ask and answer questions?

SEO is a field that requires constant communication from both parties (during the early stages). A good SEO company will ask you many questions based on your SEO goals for your website. Some of the questions they should always ask concerning:

  • Your goals
  • Client base
  • Your current SEO performance (if applicable in your case)
  • Your business culture- this is especially important when SEO Company will be writing content for your website.

There is no one fixed and successful SEO solution. Every SEO strategy is tailored to meet the demands of a specific business and its goals. If any SEO company does not answer your questions regarding their SEO practices, then they might not have your best interests at heart. The science of SEO has become very open in recent years. There is no such thing as secret techniques or maneuvers. Any SEO company should be able to answer how they will help you achieve your marketing goals. Open communication shows an SEO company is eager to earn business for you and they care about your business. They should be able to satisfactorily answer your questions observing:

  • Short- and long-term website ranking strategies
  • Most important and relevant keywords of your industry 
  • Their previous SEO works 
  • SEO strategies
  • Reporting methods 

When asked about Google search engine result policies and how they would use them to enhance your rankings, they should be able to answer you in a professional and easy-to-understand manner. This will help you to identify if this specific SEO Company is the right match for you. If they are not able to report their findings in a format that is easy for you to understand then you should take your business elsewhere. 

Experts at Moz recommend asking your SEO company one very important question, “what will you do if your current techniques are not working?” This is an open-end query and you can ask for specific and practical examples from their previous experience. It also provides SEO companies with a chance to really highlight their achievements. They have the chance to show you the benefits of working with them. 

Look For Their Previous Clients And Proven Records

Many SEO companies promote big company names and logos as their clients on their websites. Several times, these claims are false and irrelevant to SEO solutions. Whenever you are considering any SEO company do ask them clearly and directly about their previous SEO clients, strategies employed, and results achieved. Those clients generally do not mind being mentioned in their SEO portfolio as this also generates free indirect publicity for them. So, if any SEO company mentions that their clients wish to remain anonymous, take it as a warning sign that the SEO Company might not be legit.

Checkout Their Pricing Plans Also

Many SEO companies have different types of pricing plans. These prices depend upon the type of marketing plans designed for your business. They offer both flexible and fixed pricing plan options with some upfront payment. On the other hand, if any SEO company is charging by the keyword, it should be considered as a warning sign of deceit. Keywords, be it 1 or 10 do not make a difference. It is the expertise, planning, and execution of the marketing which is the foundation of their cost.

What Is Their Reporting Method?

A good SEO company will always tailor its reports as per the needs and requirements of its clients. Before you finalize your contract with any SEO company ask them to show you a real-life example i.e., not a sample of their reporting methods and metrics. This will help you understand and decide between various SEO companies and if they are a good match for you.


SEO strategy is one of the most effective online marketing tools. A basic understanding of SEO will help you identify the right goals for your business. These goals will help your business get more visibility and higher revenue. In short, a good SEO company will have a uniform online presence. They will answer your questions regarding their SEO practices. They will ask you technical questions about your business and website. They will happily show you their previous performances.

A good SEO company will not just use tags of client companies, they will show you their achievements in terms of performance and rankings of their websites. Reporting methods and prices also vary by every SEO company. A professional SEO company will design their reports which are easy for their clients to understand. It is important for a successful marketing campaign for both parties to be on the same page for marketing campaigns. With preparation, you can employ a worthy, proficient SEO provider and enjoy better visibility and higher rankings on search engine results. 

Digital marketing is raiding our day-to-day lives, but it’s not as terrifying a concept as people formerly thought. Marketing has shown it can make our private lives quite laid-back, but it doesn’t stop in our homes alone. Businesses are regularly coming up with innovative tactics to use modern technology and marketing trends to engage with customers, make processes informal and drive deals. This is what the latest digital marketing trends will be showcasing in 2021. We’ve now seen the fame and efficiency of AI-powered chatbots in preceding years and how Facebook customs artificial intelligence to advance the results of ad campaigns. But what’s next for digital marketing trends and how can it further enhance the success of businesses in 2021? Here are five digital marketing trends to watch for in 2021.

SEO For Voice Speech Recognition

Amazon’s Alexa was a big sensation with clients in 2018, making it easier for people to search for info on the network and do things simultaneously – Made Alexa infamous within days of launch. Moreover, 66.6 million Americans are projected to be using speech or voice recognition technology by 2020. Lots of businesses will want to get on board with this AI drift. As of now, Sony, TiVo, and Hisense unveiled TVs that can be controlled by voice. On a par, home appliance manufacturers for instance Delta, Whirlpool, along LG have augmented Alexa’s voice recognition knacks to help individuals direct everything in their houses from microwaves to faucets. Therefore, in 2021, we’ll see even more businesses and products applying speech recognition technology.

The Era Of The Ephemeral Content 

As of now Snapchat stands as the inventor of the idea of “ephemeral or short-lived” content. This implies that social platforms show content that only persists for a set retro of time (generally 24 hours) ahead of disappearing into the air. If you look at stats, Snapchat handlers alone make 1 million Snaps each day. Here, Instagram Stories and Facebook’s MyDay also added fuel to the fire and got users back on trend with them. Thus, in 2021 the digital marketers will get inventive to tap into the customer attention consumed by fleeting content. The operational disadvantage of ephemeral content is that it can’t be reprocessed, making it harder to industrialize. But with so many ogles on short-lived content, it can’t be unheeded.

Smarter Retail Recommendations

The minute you shop online, many businesses as well as Amazon give you product recommendations based on items you’ve purchased or browsed previously. In 2021, retail recommendations will be smarter. Digital marketing combined with AI will be able to endorse products built on quality, sentiment as well as browsing history. Similar to what 1-800-Flowers did with their AI gift concierge, Gifts When You Need, otherwise recognized as Gwyn, more businesses will be providing personalized and directed shopping experiences generally. Even shoppers in brick-and-mortar stores will be able to get product endorsements from AI-powered store displays like the one offered by Mystore-E.

Image Recognition

AI has made it possible to teach computers how to empathize with speech, but did you know that we can also educate computers on how to see? Image recognition denotes the ability of computers to acquire, course, and scrutinize data from visual foundations. There are many uses for image recognition as well as the ability to identify diseases, perceive license plates and allow for photo analysis to conclude payments or other verifications. It can also help businesses expand their marketing. GumGum uses its exclusive computer vision technology to scan images and videos from millions of pages throughout the web, letting brands place relevant ads where users are most likely to see them. Therefore, do expect image recognition to become bigger in 2021.

Arms Race Around Ad-Blocker

An enormous 27% of internet users are likely to have espoused ad-blockers by 2021, blocking a substantial source of income for many digital marketing specialists and their customers. This won’t touch everyone or every single traffic surge, but a sufficient amount digital marketer will feel the squeeze, and thus you can expect to see a feisty of high-stakes chess start. For the said, we already know how the arms races are done. Marketers will uncover ways to avoid the adblockers to not harm their income. Here, the ad blocker developers are going to advance their products and lump the holes just early enough for marketers to find new Achilles’ heel to feat.

As the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is rapidly making its way across the globe, the sad news is that it is spreading quickly and will on spreading for a while. It has already caused the crash of global markets. Which means all the business around the world is affected by this pandemic. Still, no one knows when this pandemic will come to end and how many more people will get infected by this virus even causing more deaths daily as per the report of

As the COVID-19 Pandemic outbreak lingers in our life as a great threat. Rayman Solutions plans to continue his services as a Digital Marketing Company in Toronto to help our valued clients in these difficult times. Because everyone around the globe is staying at home which means if they are looking to buy any product or services they will just using online platforms like Google, eBay, Amazon, and Facebook. To Give your business best defense digital marketing is the only tool in this difficult time.

Read on and we’ll explain how? 

As you may have heard, Olympics 2020 is canceled, prompting a chain of cancellations from different sports events to concerts, community gathering, and big B2B Cons. Because public health officials urging their people to stay at home means event marketing has taken a massive downturn. Digital marketing is likely to be the clear winner here, and companies – including ones that may not so much as had a Facebook page before – will need to move into social marketing, content marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and influencer-led campaigns.

Decision time:

As we all know the economic time of COVID-19 is very scary, So this is the time to decide whether you want to elevate Or lower your business. Because until today, COVID-19 has shaken almost every nation’s economy. But the choice you will make in this period can shatter or nurture your business so think about this taking the shrewdest decision. If you are thinking about cutting down the online marketing budget, kindly take a moment and review the strategies of your competitors. During an economic downturn, you’ll find that you will have less competition, which means it is easier and faster to get results, and in some cases, you’ll be able to get deals, such as a potential reduction in pay-per-click advertising.

Go for Digital Marketing:

COVID-19 panic has led companies to rethink their marketing budget for 2020. Companies will be adopting new strategies and mostly will be allocating their complete marketing budget to digital marketing. Because the biggest advantage of digital their results are measurable. Rayman Solutions advises you to revamp your marketing strategies and start with a new one and get found online and grow your business’s online presence, start lead generation activities to increase your sales in this pandemic. This is the right time to focus on digital marketing in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak will give you a competitive advantage on your competitors who may not be so quick to react or just waiting for this pandemic to get finished so they can look into their business at that time. 

Note: Digital Marketing is now more important than any other mode of marketing reason people are self-isolating, With people sitting on their phones, tablets and laptops digital marketing is the only source in increasing your sales and boosting your brand because people avoiding physical interactions and physical transactions.


Please be safe and, if possible, stay home.

Generating content is easy for writers. But what if you aren’t one? How will you go about creating content based on your products or services? Further, how will you actually target more audience with your social media platforms? Some people love using Facebook, whereas many like to Tweet or do an Instagram posting. Then, the CEO’s will always use LinkedIn for more exposure and personalization. So, ultimately it is what you see that matters and gets sold. Instead of just using one platform, you do have to be available on ALL. Therefore, today we will focus on generating content based on your Facebook likes and fan-following. 

Obviously, Your Online Presence Matters!

Nowadays, everyone and everything is available online. You can’t win the race without hitting your weak spots. The online world is a global challenge and a huge platform to target thousands of customers through one spot. Brick and mortar stores are leaving us slowly. And so is the customer focus on one brand only. Now there are millions and billions of companies operating internationally through various platforms. You have some real-life example as well. Don’t go too far, Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay are just a few of the big sharks operating online and providing international services. Thus, first-things-first – your business needs to be online. 

What Are The Tactics To Be Online?

Having an online presence is a piece of cake, but maintaining it is the hardest part. You can easily create your business page in order to be available online. Along with that, you also need to have a website which is up-to-date and is also maintained. Next, you need to start posting on your online platforms. This includes “content”, and content can be many forms. The best approach is to stay focused on your audience and try to engage them with your brand. This is only possible if you’re creative or have a team that is professional and creative –BOTH!

Research & Engage With Your Audience

This is one heck of a strong standing point as of now guys. You can’t do anything without a thorough research around your brand audience and your target market. Remember – research is the key to success. Therefore, try to be innovative once you have the figures in front of you. Don’t try to be obvious about selling, but focus on the deliverables and value-added features of your products and services. The more you focus on value, the more your customers will want to stay connected. Don’t just post random photos urging them to buy. Add discounts, relate to what your offer gives and what your competitors do. Try to evolve with technology and don’t just follow the trends. 

Paid Advertisement Is Another Gem!

Perfectly related to every business and your social media platforms. Paid ads can do a lot then what you can expect. Start building connections before you do this. Ensure your Facebook page is updated daily and is responsive to queries. Work on closing the bridge without destroying the actual essence of your motto. Your goal is to target a bigger pool of customers than just a few. And paid advertisement offers you that easily! 

Plumbing SEO might not be a new word for many of our readers. But, those of you who don’t know much should know that we’re a team of professionals working for our clients for various niches. Our expert services are based on the product that you deliver. Yes, it’s all about Plumber SEO, and how plumbers can target more and more customers. Our methodology is unique and solely based on the needs of our clients. From our writers to our webmaster – we ensure to pay attention to detail. There is no use of hiring any marketing agency if the results aren’t fruitful. So, let us tell you how we get you more business, and in return ask for referrals.

We Use Plumber SEO To Build Your Brand

Plumbing & HVAC SEO services

It’s a unique process to generate targeted clients based on your industry and the services you’re able to provide. All of you use internet-ready phones, and with data services provided by almost every mobile service – whatever you need is just a click away. Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many other search engines hold organic and pay-per-click listings for almost every business. This allows the public to connect to an immediate provider instantly. They don’t have to wait for the ordeal to pass before getting help.

As it is 2018, so every business has got a website and target area, city and country based keywords or key phrases for their potential clients. So, why should plumbers stay in the dark? This process is used by every business – starting from locksmith to security services and much more. Similarly, plumbers too can get their websites, services and team rank in the organic search and generate more compound availability along with making their company a brand.

More Exposure Is More Marketing

Plumbing & HVAC SEO services

Our Plumber SEO services are not only based on search engines, but we also market your company as a brand. Our customized plumbing SEO services consist of many features. We step-by-step take your company to the next level of success. We use link building, content marketing, social media business page, and user-friendly website designing to attract your customers. Our motto and optimization services are here to build you long-lasting results instead of doing just some ordinary working. Let us tell you how you can get more benefit from our strategies. These are proven and have delivered results for countless others.

Get Recognized Through Our Plumber Marketing

Plumbing & HVAC SEO services

This tool has been built by some of the best master-minds of marketing and media agencies. And, these tools are based on providing actionable results if you engage an SEO for Plumbing Companies. The most basics of the features are the exemplary accessibility aspect for your customers. Not everyone is hooked to a desktop. People use mobiles and tablets. The more your website is device-friendly, the more your chances grow to pick up strong customers.

We also take care of the optimization of your website through Local SEO for Plumbers. As most of the time, you’re only providing local services and aren’t catering to international customers. Which might be possible within the duration of our working. Which we are glad to offer you more success in mind.

Plumbing & HVAC SEO services

Remember content is extremely important for every business. Plumbing SEO is also solely based on awesome content. People like to read, and the better the content is, the more easily it grabs attention. But, this content should be based on your targeted keywords to drive possible traffic. Industry-specific content will immediately get dispersed by search engines, and immediately attract customers to get to your website. Flash-based websites are a story of the past, now it’s the time of WordPress. We can help you in making customer-centered designs which will also be responsive and engaging for your customers.

Plumber Marketing Is The Way Forward Now

Plumbing & HVAC SEO services

Basically, its attention and awareness that you want to build for your clients. When we say we build your brand, we mean it to sustain your industrial pressure as well. Most of your competitors are already using Plumbing Advertising features to target possible customers. Being the owner of a plumbing company will only get you area-specific clients who only know you through word of mouth. What about the countless others that you’re missing daily? Think about it from your customer’s point of view. If you’re not on the internet when they’re searching for your company – you basically don’t exist. Word of mouth is for the old days when people trusted the “word” itself. Now it’s a digitally strong world we reside in, and here if you are just a click away – you’ll get in the limelight.

What Your Customers Look for?

Plumbing & HVAC SEO services

Your customers look for you with ordinary words, like “toilet repairs near me or “plumber service in my area”. These are the most common type of services they look for and will want to get your services with such easy search words. What if you don’t appear on the first page of Google when they look for you?

Obviously, your competitor gets the call and they secure the deal and a possible lifelong customer too. We work with plumbers and provide the best online Plumbing & HVAC SEO services globally. Our satisfied clients are our ROI, as we ensure to build a brand out of nothing for each and every one of them. We can do the exact same thing for you too. Plumbing and HVAC SEO is something that can not only give you long-lasting results but also build a strong online presence for your business.

We’re Your One-Stop For Plumbing SEO Services

Plumbing & HVAC SEO services

When we say one-stop, we actually maintain the conversion rate possibilities for your company. Our company is the solution to target industry-related customers on a large scale with dependable solutions. It’s as simple as we do the branding of your business and you cater the customers. Yes, that’s how we grow together from a “nobody” to “a known company” together. We maintain your monthly blogs, do online marketing via each-and-every social media platform, directory submissions, organic optimization, and much more. These specific guidelines are proven ways of getting online coverage and enhanced customer connection.

Our tools do analytic research to do Plumbing SEO optimization for your company. Our team shares infographics on a weekly basis and ensures you’re aware of each and every step that we take to amplify your reach. Voice recognition is another tool that allows us to grow your outreach through our Plumbing Advertising apparatus.

Small Or Big – Both Types Of Businesses Are Our Clients

Plumbing & HVAC SEO services

Let it be a small business or a big enterprise – we cater to all types of client. Plumbing SEO is focused on small business owners to give them bright chances for future growth. Thus, our marketing is solely based to cater all needs specified by each plumbing company with local outreach. Our Local SEO for Plumbers is constantly generating results with definite exposure. We take you by-the-hand through the procedure and show you our actionable efforts. The sooner you start Plumbing SEO, the sooner the rewards start showing up.

Plumbing & HVAC SEO services

We know what confuses you at the start, don’t worry and just give us a call to understand how we’ll build your brand audiences. There are no consultation charges to understand the process. We cater each step of SEO for Plumbing Companies through our dedicated staff only reserved for the Plumbing industry. Your industry is based on some very high-profile competitors, and in order to strengthen your customer-reach, we do every possible advancement.

Call us today to book your consultation, and see the benefits of a powerful Plumbing SEO strategy to grow your business.

Real-estate investment, buying, and selling solutions have always been an issue for people who just don’t understand the fluctuation of this industry. Furthermore, with numerous individuals claiming to be the best broker or realtor – has also laid a strong foundation for mistrust. This doesn’t go down too well with the general community.  However, today we were able to acquire some knowledgeable information on this concerning topic by Spartan King Homes. These guys are a local family-owned successful business venture. And, the team at Spartan King Homes help you to sell your property for fast cash if you are in an urgent need. Their main purpose is to serve as one of the best house buying business within Maury County. Let us read what else they have to share with us about real estate today.

Spartan King Homes – How A Revolution Started

Daily we hear and see thousands of business open in the market, and daily thousands close as well. However, only a company with a vision will survive the strong competition – and particularly if they are doing something different. Here, Spartan King Homes land as the expert guide in real estate niche within your town. The team says confidently that, “We have a reputation in the market for helping homeowners to make the best choice out of their properties. We never prolong the situation or try to make the transaction a hurdle. Our company, Spartan King Homes is a solely client-oriented corporation.”

With thoughts and ideologies like this, no wonder Spartan King Homes rule Maury County. Not only Maury County, but the team of Spartan King homes also serve the surrounding areas. They can help you sell or buy houses in Columbia, Spring Hill, Mt Pleasant, Culleoka, Santa Fe, Lewisburg, and Cornersville.

Foreclosure Concerns? They Can Help Here Too

If it is foreclosure help,  the experts at Spartan King Homes will guide you to avoid all the hassle in a jiffy. First and foremost, this type of investment is always risky. Plus, you also have to consider hidden charges and the foreclosure auction. However, when the experts are here to sell your house for fast cash in Maury County, and the surrounding area – why do you have to stress?

The team quotes happily, “We want to stop foreclosure, and we assist all of our clients to speak with us directly on such sensitive real-estate issues. Delay is not the solution in such situations. And, if we do have a perfect resolve, then why not speak about it? Our agenda is to ensure a stress-free outcome for a safer transaction. We like the idea of taking homes and making them new again for future homeowners. We also like helping people become homeowners that may not be possible by using the usual traditional methods.”

This and much more is what our readers need. Thus, guys, now you know that Spartan King Homes buy old houses for fast cash. They love to do fair-and-square deals. And it is a win-win situation for all of you!

The Company Comes With Goals

Usually, it’s not rare if you do find a company focused on its future goals within the particular niche of real-estate. However, here this extraordinary group of experts says that “We Invest in communities, and offer rent to own options. We also offer owner financing options, pay cash for properties, help people become homeowners, rent property to people, and much more. We enjoy buying old and ugly homes and helping people and families with each step. Further, we also enjoy the versatility and the stability that can be created through the real-estate venture.”

Connecting With This Team Is Easy!

Spartan King Homes

“We aren’t some realtors. Instead, we are a business offering solutions. There is a lot of work involved when it comes to the services that we provide. Our clients can just give us a call, send email, or a text message – and we will love to connect with them. Our mission statement is based on being able to help when a lot of others cannot. So if you need to sell your house fast, we are here to assist you,” says the Spartan King Homes experts confidently.

Thus readers, even if it is an old and ugly house that you want to sell, contact the team at Spartan King Homes to guide you better. Write to Rayman Solutions today so that we can connect you over to this super-comfortable real-estate business. Or leave your comments in the comment box below, and they will love to answer all of your queries.

Eric Temple is an Emmy-winning director, editor, producer, and screenwriter at Highway 89 Media, based in Ogden, Utah. He founded the company in 2011 when he relocated from Washington, DC. Temple has been working in broadcasting and film for more than forty years, creating an impressive portfolio in digital media, film, and documentary production. Rayman Solutions has interviewed Temple and is pleased to introduce filmmaker Eric Temple to all of our readers.

Eric Temple in His Own Words

Eric Temple

Eric founded Highway 89 Media “to create videos worth sharing.” Prior to 2011, “I spent almost 17 years working as a producer for broadcast TV, then formed my own company in 1991. I have owned and operated my own video production companies since 1992. I enjoy the diverse nature of the clients and projects that we have, along with the challenge of working in many genres of video. For example, while our bread and butter is based on telling short stories on video, we have also produced many award-winning documentaries that are longer and more involved.” His notable works include Edward Abbey: A Voice in the Wilderness, a PBS documentary on the environmental writer Edward Abbey, and With One Voice, a 2009 documentary exploring cross-cultural mysticism.

Eric Temple

Highway 89 Media is the spiritual successor to Canyon Productions, Inc., an independent company that Eric ran from June 1992 to May 2011. It was a video production company specializing in corporate, government and documentary media. He also moonlighted as a part-time instructor at the Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University, where he taught video production courses. In his earlier broadcasting days, Temple worked at KAET-TV as a producer-director and later became the environmental reporter in the same PBS channel. Next, he was the producer of the daily PM/Evening Magazine Program at KUTV and then served as the senior producer for local programming. From January 1987 to May 1989 he worked as an executive producer at WJZ, responsible for all of their local programming. Finally, he was the executive producer of Evening Magazine on KPIX, San Francisco, and later produced a weekly home improvement program on KGO-TV, San Francisco.

Achievements And Recognition

Eric Temple

Eric Temple has received several Emmy Awards, 9 Telly Awards, and several Communicator Awards, along with commendations from nationwide film festivals. Eric stated that “Video has been my passion and craft since high school. Naturally, the technology has grown by leaps and bounds since then, and I love keeping up with new techniques and industry trends.” Beyond film and television awards, for Temple “the reward comes from seeing satisfied clients coming back to us again and again.”

The Future of Highway 89 Media

Eric Temple

Eric’s impressive career is far from over. His goals for the future include expanding “Highway 89 Media’s reach across Utah and the West while continuing to provide our clients with the personal service they have come to expect. We also strive to stay ahead of the technology curve, using the latest 4K cameras and editing technologies. Plus, we have a strong creative and technical team, and I want them to always keep learning new things and to keep growing.” Even as technology advances and makes video production more accessible, expertise in film production and respect for the craft cannot be replaced.

Eric Temple

In this highly competitive field, Eric is using his vast experience to give back to the next generation of filmmakers. He states that “while living in Washington, DC, I spent several years on the faculty of the Center for Digital Imaging Arts, working with students from all walks of life to improve their video production skills. Now that I’m in Utah, I have been presenting lectures to upcoming entrepreneurs at Weber State University on how to produce and utilize video in their marketing efforts.” With the rise of digital and social media, Eric’s proficiency in video production is more sought-after than ever.

Parting Thoughts From Eric Temple

Eric Temple

Here at Rayman Solutions, our readers love to hear from thoughtful entrepreneurs and businessmen like Eric Temple. We asked Eric how he maintains his passion and work ethic throughout his career. Eric stated, “every project presents a new opportunity for me and my team, and we love to learn and grow together. We truly become part of your company for the duration of the project; learning both your needs and corporate culture. Though we have produced hundreds of videos in our careers, every project brings a new twist and a chance to showcase our talents. That is truly rewarding.”

An interactive website is a new business and brand image that a lot of businesses are already using. The basic functionality of such a website is to offer your customers and clients a seamless user experience so that they can find whatever they need from your product or service immediately. Basically, think about an interactive website as the new platform ready to take action as soon as a customer enters – just like your shop or office workers. Almost 70% of your customers search for your business online. And, if they get a seamless platform – they are bound to come back, again and again. Thus today, learn about the significance of an interactive website.

What Is The Meaning Of An Interactive Website?

Interactive Website

Websites are all about their designs and how well the graphics, pages and content sync with each other. Having a 10 or 15-page website is not a dream come true. In fact, it is quite bad for your business – if so much information is sprawled out on the net. The basic purpose of your website is to first provide an intro to your business, and what you guys do. Then comes its layout, design, graphics, and digital marketing. Yes, don’t forget SEO, PPC, and blogging – as all of these are also based on your websites market outreach. Thus, in short, you offer your visitors a complete guide about your:

  • Business
  • Products
  • Services, and
  • Why they should consider working with you or hiring you in the first place

Build Meaningful Connections

Interactive Website

Your interactive website is like the third-eye that allows your visitor to shop and study details in a nutshell. Instead of having to call you, they can research, decide, compare and buy immediately. If you offer consultation services like realtors or doctors – you need to have a site that can let your visitors compare prices, services and much more. Like we said above, about 70% of your customers want to experience a seamless digital experience – and if you are able to cater 30% at your shop, retail store or through face-to-face catch-up – still you are losing a huge chunk. And, this huge a loss allows your competitors to win very easily. Thus, with the creation of an interactive website – you are able to cut that loss to half without disturbing your existing client base.

Make An Impact Through Customer Psychology

Interactive Website

Customer psychology is very important for generating revenue as well as marketing your brand. Even if you did outdo yourself with the product launch events or branding parameters – still not having an interactive website will fail you heavily. Customers trust only if they are able to relate to your brand, product or service. If not – they never visit you again. If you heighten up their user experience by technology interface – you win over 10 times more than before.  This can be as small as enabling a comfort plugin, to as big as using chatbots or AI. Thus, the more you invest in your website – the more you get to live fresh and updated in your visitor’s mind. And, as a perfect ROI tactic – this can allow you to never miss an opportunity again.

Start Awarding Features Before Charging

Interactive Website

Business small or big, both need customers to sustain their market and niche. Without going for something in hundreds or thousands of dollars – first, start investing in your customers. This is the key feature to gain success without catering a huge customer refusal or acceptance. Did you ever get a chance to play in-app games or the games available on Facebook? if not, try playing any today. You will understand the interaction from your customers point of view. If these games start charging the moment a visitor appears – they are bound to never have him return. most probably, the customer will actually give negative ranking or reviews. But, on the other hand, if you allow your customer to invest time in your service – and charge them lets say a $10.00 bill after a fortnight – they will pay easily. And, next, you can keep on increasing the price gradually. This small step allows you to build customer trust through an interactive website, and make them stay on your brand a lot more than your competitor’s.

Personalize On The Next Level

Interactive Website

Human personalization is far more difficult then animals. And, that’s because we ask and think a lot. Further, we also can’t make immediate decisions on the par of excellence. we also tend to face double thoughts – just because we are either new or naive in the market. Thus, with an interactive website platform – now you can personalize with each and every single of your customer. You can add-in offline assistance, chat support or partnership or affiliate programs. You can also display offers with discounts and services – that are bound to make your customers to research your brand more. You can also share free giveaways, like:

  • Ebooks
  • Newsletter
  • Discount vouchers
  • Redeem points
  • Bumper prize
  • Lottery raffles
  • First-time buyer hamper
  • Loyalty program

Interactive Website Will Also Need Digital Marketing

Interactive Website

This statement is like an open book. WIthout adding the touch of digital marketing you can’t win over your market share or even a strong customer base. Your online availability, target keywords, local listing, and paid marketing along with social media interaction – all are the basics for targetting a good number of customers. You don’t want to be left alone in the sea of competition. Therefore, all of these stated factors are bound to create a buzz, no matter if you are a startup or an existing business. Think about this from your customers point-of-view, they want and need your assistance – but are unable to connect with you. What if you break the said barrier? Amazon, Apple, Samsung, and all other such big brands do this – so why can’t you? Further, don’t forget to optimize your site for every type of platform or device – as this will enable your customers to trust your credibility more. 

Augmented Reality SEO is the new future for setting your marketing goals and strategies. No doubt, SEO has been manhandled a lot recently. But still, there are companies who would love to work with your business to create a strong market influence. You don’t have to worry anymore about paying and staying only when the augmented reality is going to be a part of your SEO plan. In near future, AR is going to revolutionalize the marketing platforms and options beyond your expectations.  Even in your day-to-day life, AR-oriented gadgets are going to rule our world. So, why do we miss the biggest part of our business outreach? Which is, by all means, augmented reality SEO and its huge impact. Let us dive in more to guide you in detail.

What Is Augmented Reality SEO?

Augmented Reality SEO

SEO is done offsite and onsite for your website. And, if your brand is not prepared for the upcoming addition of AR, you may lose the huge chunk of your customer base. AR is available since the early 1990’s, however, yes it was under a lot of test-and-trial modes. Thus, not many of us were aware of this feature, and a lot of us also considered it useless. But when smartphones came with a bang – now AR is available in every possible manner. But, before you start to vent yourself over virtual reality and augmented reality – know that both are highly different from each other. Basically, we are speaking about the digitization of content to the next level, where every user will feel a part of every video, blog or article. Let us read more to understand AR.

Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality – Different?

Augmented Reality SEO

With virtual reality, you get to wear something additional to get the feel of being the “part” or “involvement” of any movie, game or video. Whereas, in augmented reality, it is like happening in front of you or around you to make you feel involved. The augmented reality game which took away a lot of us like a hurricane is PokemonGo. The user feels the real-life experience while playing this game, and thus a lot of other popular games lost a huge customer base. The main reason behind this is that the user gets to feel involved in the action happening right in front of his eyes. Thus, the augmented reality is booming because of its real-life like feel for every user. Apple as of now has brought the feel of AR for its users. And, once every other brand does the same thing – the revolution is going to be huge!

What Is Google Saying About AR?

Augmented Reality SEO

Google I/O 2017 was quite vocal about AR and how they are trying to make it a part of the future. Google lens is being formulated according to the AR technology and is making it more user-friendly. This lens is compatible with any device as long as the language is in English, and if you do have the latest version of Google Photos installed. Next, Tim Cook – Apple CEO has also acknowledged the brands focus on augmented reality – so when two big names are saying something – then we do have to focus on the impacts of our current marketing strategies and how this revolution will impact our previous efforts. Thus, if your users are going to browse with the AR term, initially your SEO will fail. So, now is the time to stop and rethink this whole game-changing update. Don’t worry, as we have you covered in this blog today.

How Augmented Reality SEO Will Work?

Augmented Reality SEO

As of now, Google repeats to every SEO mastermind to have a close focus on creating and watching micro-moments. if your marketing is able to prepare this in-the-moment buying decision – you are easily going to win the sale. And similarly, your SEO will be great. So in order for your business to meet the AR SEO goals, you need to initially work on your local listing with augmented reality in mind. Your local listing is going to be based on your Google My Business Profile. So, if you haven’t already set your business profile – it is time to build and create one according to the upcoming feature.

How Will Social Media Be Affected?

Augmented Reality SEO

If your local listing is going to be impacted by augmented reality, so is your social media profiles. Thus, before we go any far into why you shouldn’t go with SEO – here is your ponder point as to why augmented reality SEO is the best option. Almost 84% of your customers trust online reviews more than word-of-mouth, and this means your digital marketing is no longer up-to-date. Similarly, if your social media engagement is not impacting augmented reality, your search engine ranking will be highly affected. Thus, a simple and effective approach is to start setting goals for achieving the AR SEO as your new plan to engage strong prospects. 3D videos, images and in short content is what is going to stay with AR SEO. The more such content is going to be accepted, the better the forecast for sales will be on-point.

How Do I Go About AR SEO? 

Augmented Reality SEO

Like we said above, augmented reality SEO is the upcoming future of simple SEO. That means, the more your website, social media platforms, and business profiles become digital – the more tech-savvy will be your ground. The basic understanding that you need to have is how you can be more interactive and immersive with your customer engagement. Thus, you have to work according to the mindset of your customers to ensure that you are on top of your game. Further, if this is what will work for you, then you have to make every possible change to stay in the game of the changing AR SEO. And, don’t forget that ultimately it is a story that will pique interest and have more views and potential leads. With AR now, the face of technology is changing immensely, and if businesses forget to closely watch it – no doubt they will be forgotten immediately. 

So what is your plan now? Is this something that can impact your business? Tell us more in the comment section today.